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Royal College Group Of 92

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The rich history and traditions are the key factors that sets Royal College apart from the rest. These two key parts of Royal College enrich the lives of the students in all areas, as the stories of great Royalists past once told will never be forgotten. As quoted from the College Song “They have repaid the debt they owed, they kept thy fame inviolate” is a phrase that emphasizes what the value of history and tradition is to a Royalist. 

The Royal College Group of 1992 is the alumni association comprising students who either joined the Royal College, Colombo in the year 1979 or completed their school career in the year 1992.


It is one of the foremost alumni associations affiliated with Royal College. The Group has successfully undertaken and completed several large scale projects for the benefit and betterment of its Alma Mater.


This e-commerce platform of the Royal college group of 92 was initiated in our endeavor to add convenience in bringing products, services & event tickets closer to our members.

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